After you’ve applied, we will send you an e-mail acknowledgement that your information has been received. Our recruiters do their best to review the candidate pool for open positions in a timely manner. Due to overwhelming responses to certain positions, it may take several weeks for the recruiter and/or hiring manager to complete this process. We appreciate your patience during the review process.

We will review your Education, skills and experiences submitted in your job application information and evaluate the information with the position requirements and business needs.

Actually, you don’t need to follow up. If you’ve applied for a job online or submitted your profile, we’ll review your application and get in touch if there’s a good match.

Actually, you don’t need to follow up. If you’ve applied for a job online or submitted your profile, we’ll review your application and get in touch if there’s a good match.

Your Career Profile provides us with general information about your background and interests. When we consider your application toward a specific job, we may need more detailed information that will help us assess your skills as they apply to the requirements of that job. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by a recruiter who will outline the next steps in the process. If you are not selected to move forward in the recruiting process, you will be notified by e-mail.

The interview process is one of our best opportunities to get to know the potential of a candidate, and for the candidate to get to know our people and our businesses. We use competency based interview, psychometric testing and assessment centres but there are a variety of other selection tools we use where necessary. You will be given details of any assessment when you are invited to interview. You’ll be asked questions about your academic and work experiences, and you’ll have a chance to ask some questions to us. It will be most helpful for you to know about our Network, in particular the specific position of interest. You should also have a good sense of what value you think you may bring to our business and be prepared to offer examples of your past achievements or successes.

Yes. By completing a Job Application on our system, your background will be considered (and potentially selected) by recruiters in the future. To increase your chances of being considered for future open jobs, we recommend that you return to this site and apply for new positions you find. You should also be sure to select the automatic e-mail notification option within your Career Profile.

Yes, Al Jazeera Media Network thorough background checks of applicants who’ve accepted employment offers. During the background screening process we will cover all or some of the following checks: – Criminal record checks – Employment verifications – Education and credential verifications – Reference verifications – Local-language media/public domain searches and integrity checking – Credit reporting and financial histories – Due diligence checking – Compliance and risk database checks – Identity documentation/passport checks If you have specific concerns regarding your background and would like further information please inform your point of contact from our recruitment team.

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